Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Need wisdom?

You made us a promise
If wisdom we lack
Just ask and believe
There will be no lack

My years that are left
Are less than those past
Be clear with me Lord
That the last may be best

The years that I live
The greater I know
That what I accomplish
Is really your show

All that I have
Was given to me
What I accomplish
Is what I can see

But what I can see
Is one of those gifts
Along with my will
And my strength, and my whit

You have made me as one
Who needs to contribute
Who lives with ideas
And gives you my tribute.

© 11/10/08, Glenn

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Flowing in your gifts

What do we do
With the time that we have
Tells the great story
Of our life – is it sad?

Or does it proclaim
A joy that comes up
Bubbling forth
Overflowing our cup

Does it proclaim
Our life on the earth
A statement of glory
Or challenge of worth

How much is a choice
How much is a gift
How much is our purpose
That we are to live

Give it a try
Tune in to that voice
Quiet your thoughts
Cut back, it’s a choice

The ancients they knew
That life on this earth
Has greater dimension
Has very great worth.

© 11/9/08, Glenn, prompted by Pastor Doug’s sermon on Hebrews 4.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Business or Self-Employed Professional

Make it a business
Or keep it a job
Can I transition
Or continue to plod

Who am I really
What can I do
How do I fit
In eternity view

When it’s a job
The limits are great
But can I change
Or is it my fate

Are we so wired
That all is ordained
What a limited view
And so I complain

There must be more
As we open our eyes
Re-frame our world
Let vision arise

Yes we are wired
For things that we like
Things we are good at
Things that are tight

But how they fit in
We limit by sight
Assumptions we make
Block out the light

So choose to believe
You have a fine place
Always evolving
Increasing in grace

©10/30/2008 Glenn

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Time That I Have

The time that I have
A most precious thing
How I deploy it
Determines all things

It’s up to me
The boundaries I set
The choices I make
Influence I let

So how do I know
The virtuous path
To be most productive
To make myself laugh

So how do I know
The values to take
To have as the guidelines
My history to make

© 10/28/2008, Glenn

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blowing on the sea

Today I feel your breath
Spirit of the mighty God
Your presence in my life
Desired every day

The din at times surrounds me
Challenging the flow
Of spirit, peace, anointing
Yet even then I know

I know the God
Of all there is
Author of it all
Planner of the universe
Redeemer from the fall

Partner in life and death
Secure beyond the veil
Knowing what we see each day
Your glory does it pale

© 8/15/08, Glenn

Monday, November 10, 2008


I did it again
It’s hard to believe
Screwed up big
Need grace to proceed

There is a risk
In life on earth
You hurt the ones
You most give worth

© 8/12/08, Glenn

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hilton Head Sunrise - Quiet

Its been a very full time
We’ve grown some in the process
Occasionally a thought
A rhyme
A verse comes bye

Presence has been elusive
It’s peaceful now
The room is very quiet
Here is Memphis Tennessee

© 8/5/08, Glenn